Jumat, 02 November 2012

Laser Hair Removal Fast And Efficient Process

Unwanted body hair is always irritating. For ages, women have found several ways to get rid of it. However, no methods have been as successful as laser hair removal.

It is an amazing method of getting your hair removed. This is like a permanent hair removal method. It would be better if we would say that it is a hair reduction method.

What is the process of laser hair removal?

There are different kinds of laser systems which uses different sorts of energy and heat to destroy the hair follicles. During this destruction, there is no harm to the skin tissues. The session is repeated several times and gradually results will be visible.

After this treatment, you need not have to undergo burn or irritation. It will be a permanent reduction.

How long does the process take?

On a human body, there are million of hair follicles. These follicles are active in different phases of life. When a laser hair treatment works, only a few of the follicles are treated at a time as they are in different growth phases. In order to receive the best results, one must undergo this treatment at varying intervals.

The interval and the number of intervals depends upon the individual and thus clinics tailor every treatment according to an individual.

What preparations I have to do for laser hair removal?

The treatment is short and simple that you need not announce it loudly that you are having this. It's just a fifteen minute process repeated after fixed intervals. You are only advised to stay out of the Sun, shave the area to be treated, and do not use any lotions and creams for best results.

How do you feel during the treatment?

As the experienced clients, the sensation during the process is like a mild hot pinch like the snapping of a rubber band. The sensation can last for a few seconds to a few hours.

Who all can undergo this treatment?

The treatment process of laser works for almost every individual, however, the method and lasers used will vary with the skin color, hair color and the type of skin.

Different types of lasers: in the treatment, different sorts of lasers like Light Sheer Laser (diode laser, Top XC model) and the Epilight lasers are being used. These lasers are FDA approved. It is observed that these lasers are showing excellent results with different hair and skin color types.

The laser treatment is continuously burgeoning in its demand. It has been widely used for different types of treatments like wrinkle reduction, tattoo removal, etc.