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How Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Can Be Used to Experience Your Sensuality and More

Ylang Ylang is the essential oil associated with passionate desire. The sensual feelings the oil arouses swiftly ascend through inhalation to greet the master pituitary gland and enhance romantic ideals. Creating an atmosphere of expectation, sensitivity, and trust can enhance your beliefs about your worthiness of being embraced and loved. This versatile, entrancing oil uplifts you spiritually, calms you yet arouses you. Following are stories of how Martina, Sowei, and Mariah used Ylang Ylang in their lives.

Lovely Martina was an innocent lady, who felt insecure about her attractiveness and expression of her motivations when she met a man who made her feel safe and wanted. Her enthusiasm drifted between her intentions and her past puritanical upbringing. She truly wanted to express her inner nature but held herself back. She heard that Ylang Ylang was historically known in many cultures to ignite sensuality. After experimenting with the oil she allowed herself to enjoy the scent and wore it empowered.

On the other hand, Exotic Sowei comfortably exuded her sensuality and enjoyed the essential oils smell. Even though she was quite passionate in herself and oozed sexuality, she trusted her spiritual instincts and relied on Ylang Ylang to blissfully attune her during her journey to heightened levels of awareness and joy. Her experiences delighted her aroused, enthusiastic pleasure over obtaining enlightened ideas and direction. Sowei often shared her experiences of the oil with her friends and they gratefully and admiringly accepted its uplifting effects for themselves.

While tireless Mariah worked endless hours to keep her business profitable, she enjoyed dressing professionally and wearing high heels. She felt that a woman could accomplish success and be satisfied at the same time. She loved Ylang Ylang's scent and carried it everywhere she went. During her business meetings she only wore a little, unnoticeable amount on her wrists.When she was under pressure she leaned forward placing her chin in the palm of her hand. The scant scent balanced her reactions and strengthened her responses to authoritatively express her decisions.

Ylang Ylang, an exquisitely exotic essential oil has more than emotive, sensual, and spiritual benefits. This soothing, enchanting essence has a serene, relaxing effect that eases your heart. Though it inspires you spiritually and is gratifying its physical action calms your adrenal glands. Could it be this effect that comforts the heart and leads you to make rational decisions? By wearing the essential oil of Ylang Ylang you can create composure under duress, allow yourself to experience your sensuality, and commune with your inner divine nature.

Through Meditation, Yoga, and Energy Healing with Essential Oils I guide clients and students through self-discovery and coping with illness, losses, and challenges. When directing classes and sessions I use a gentle, supportive, and validating approach. I find that my clients and students feel calm and comforted after their sessions and classes.

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